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Stick Of Demise

The Stick of Demise

Leave me alone
For you know not who I am
Not my ways
Leave me alone
For you know not my character
Not my workings
Leave me alone
For you know not what I do
Not how I do them
I say
Leave me alone
For I will tell you
For the good of your health
And the safety of your one life

If you have had a taste of me
Discard me now
I say
Throw me away and
Say to me never again
If you know not my taste and thirst for me now
Touch me not and
Taste me not
I urge you
Feel me not
Take an orange and quench your thirst I implore
But not with me
For a companion of evil I am and
At the ready to maul any that heeds not my call

Listen to me
I am courteous but not friendly
I draw crowds of friends but keep them not
For the crowds I pull
I devour without mercy
Not one but all
My friends of today
I turn into victims tomorrow
Listen to me
Keep away from me and my ways
For in the pleasure with me lies your doom
Heed my word now
For the doom I unleash upon you is irreversible
But avoidable

Did you not know
That lovable I am but unkind
That in the puff of my smoke lies a lethal poison
That slow poison I administer into you with each puff
As each grows it in you
Did you not know that
My face brightens with the grin of a killer
As the frequency of your urge for me grows with every puff
I stare at you with the satisfaction of a murderer
As my smoke bellows out of your nostrils
Leaving my lethal poison deep inside you
To take you my way in the future and not now
For more puffs I need from you
Before I finally rest you in the pieces of peace

Have a look at your nails
The nails on your third and fourth fingers
Why endure the stain
Why permit the ugly blemish I ask with pity
I see your heart yet in doubt
Then hold your palms against the breath of your nostrils
Tell me
Is it stench or scent
I will tell you without shame that
I leave a stain on your nails as a mark of horror
And with the stench of a fire place I perfume your body
With pity for you I ask then
Won’t you leave me alone now

Oh! my victim
Take this mirror
And see how handsome you look
But open wide your mouth
And have a look at the stain on your teeth
Take a close look at that black coat
The one that sticks in paste on your milk white teeth
Tell me if the sight is pleasant in your eyes
It is not you say
Heed then my word
Lest I give them a coat dark like the tar of the road
Until one at a time they drop to the ground
To leave only a bare gum for an ugly smile
Do not grieve about your foul breath
For I have put my stench in the breath of your nose
And the air of your mouth I have odorised with a pungent smell
Foul like the stench of my smoke
Shall be the breath of your nose and the odour of your mouth
For have I not asked you to leave me alone
Who will kiss you I ask and
Who will bend for your whisper I wonder
Who will stand to lean against you
Tell me
Who I ask will tolerate being in bad odour
Until you leave me alone I caution
Foul like the air of the sty shall be your body in whole

Leave me alone
For in your pleasure with me begins your sad detriment
I warn with the love of a passion murderer
That my poison is potent like the viper’s
Did you not know that the smoke of my fire
Snakes its way into your veins to clog them
That are the very pipeline to your precious engine of life
Oh I shudder!
When without warning on a bad hair day
As you walk about puffing and puffing
The clog blocks the flow of the red fluid of life in you
As my venom numbs your brain
To make a handsome corpse

Leave me alone
Lest the heat of my fire cooks up those tender lips
Look at how they turn black and then red
Take care I warn again
For in your pink lungs my venom finds another home
To coat the black soot of my fire on
Did you not know that all fire begets soot
It hangs on your lungs as that up on the ceiling of
Your grandmother’s kitchen of medieval times
Tell me
Why you paint black what the creator made pink and
Where in and out will the air of life pass
Why do you pack them with the soot of death
Leave me alone
For what the investor tells you of me is only but a bait
One to take your life
For he knows too that I am a trap of death
Without a twinkle he knows that I maim and disfigure and kill
What does he whisper to you
That I am soothing
Oh No!
I am not I assure you
And stand warned yet again that
The investor profits only from your demise
Won’t you listen then and let go of me

Leave me alone
So you may have a long life of health
Leave me alone
So you may spare the lives of your innocent neighbours
And keep the fresh air around you and all pure
Oh I wonder!
Do you not want to escape my wrath
So you may be moneyed in a long life
Resist the urge for me I plead
So they may a warm embrace give
And your whisper acceptable in an aura of freshness
Keep off me so
The ugly stain on your fingers and
That coat of dentine tar are bleached away

Do not my words paint a gruesome picture yet
I ask
Have you not my veil taken off yet
My identity I give now so you may know me and
Leave me alone
I am Tobacco the slow but potent poison
In all forms and styles the investor spices me up
So you may build an eternal urge for me
But listen
Not a change it makes how he dresses me up
Neither how safe he says I am
A merciless mass killer I am so
Leave me alone

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