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My Quest

I slide along the edge of the stream,
crossing the narrow road leading to thee.
I search the depth of an endless ocean,
to find the portion reserved for me.

I wander throughout the universe,
passing by stars that seem close together.
Conspicuously, I've been so exhausted,
my naive heart chooses not to surrender.

I interrogate the reflective cloud,
he points me to the house of obscurity.
I hasten and long to be by your side,
where no shadow is ever upon me.

I now attempt to pass insurmountable boundaries,
but only see one road to take.
I drop to my knees at the sight of the stream,
another trip my heart cannot make.

Blinding, a quiescent thought appeals me,
then i dive back into the ocean.
To strike the accuracy of true love,
is to never stop the quest of its notion.
Jacob written by

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