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Peace Poems

  • Coming Home.
    In the beginning God made the flowers and birds to fly, Then with his love he made you and I. He... [read more]
    Angelina written by
  • India: Unity In Diversity
    India, a country with great diversity, But still progressing & marching ahead; is a great tribute... [read more]
    Hina written by
  • peace of beautiful thoughts!
    peace: this is my life of heaven and dont cry if God take you away but make sure you love him and... [read more]
    Victoria written by
  • Peace
    When I look to the night sky above, I always think of you my love. I pretend your that shining star... [read more]
    Angelina written by
    The war has just been ended Both sides must tend their wounds A brave and noble gesture Lies buried... [read more]
    David Alan written by
  • Cloud
    Life is impermanent so is everything in it cheer or pain or whatever you may call just come up an... [read more]
    Irosha written by
  • "The Healing"
    Into this humbled life she walked, a spirit so refined. One so full of love and life, it... [read more]
    Dann written by
  • Counting Sheep
    How I longed for sleep as I lie there in my bed But the weight of all my worries kept me wide awake... [read more]
    Whowants written by

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