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Satish Poems by Satish Verma

  • Unending Story
    In the dust from the dust. I will see your face daily, in between the spaces in between the... [read more]
  • Paralyzed
    Ask the queen of night, who was more brutal than the crucible. All it took was a change in a... [read more]
  • Opaque Underbellies
    In a moment of panic- you write a poem to catch the truth. The aplomb and glitter of money's... [read more]
  • What A Galaxy
    Moon was mixing the colors. The black hole does not exist. I was hearing about the quantum,... [read more]
  • Perplexed Views
    The dots, million times, like fire ants. A black mass, you want to exterminate. Give me a... [read more]
  • A Lone Prayer
    Leave your seminal expression with minimal damage.I am excluding the human race. Your chin... [read more]
  • Strange Phenomenon
    You are brain-dead with amnesia in winter snow. A frozen pulse, without blood running,... [read more]
  • Uncanny Feeling
    It was a strange experience coming out of the body to understand the death. And I watched a... [read more]
  • Silence Of The Falls
    Nothing helps. The colossus has failed. A naked fakir- walks in dark moaning. You ride a... [read more]
  • Head Wound
    Twitching will not stop after you hit the bull's-eye. Somewhere a nightbird, had a... [read more]
  • Short Melody
    It had touched, the wind of sky. The viola goes? pansexual. Purple, blue and white dog... [read more]
  • Against Tattoos
    Don't print on the body a pattern, grayesh red. Damask rose? The cilia will propel you into the... [read more]
  • Wearing Out
    Are you there to listen my voice, in the wilderness of violence and other atrocities? My toes... [read more]
  • Pained Reproaches
    The shadows sit, under the words, to torture, to bring, perse memories. A downfall, precedes,... [read more]
  • The Daily Ritual
    The cells, climb the fame, unperceived. A bit of nose, blue eyes, jugglery of stances. You... [read more]
  • When The Ghosts Walk
    A mystical dialogue in swirls- to drown you. Blank pages draw you for a suicide, without... [read more]
  • Darkness Singing
    Like today. I walk myself, in my footprints tasting grassiness sending the runners, on the... [read more]
  • An Angst
    Was it kosher to wake up a sleeping poem, when someone has burned the book? A rite of passage... [read more]
  • Innovational
    You were shrinking like microcephaly, the mankind's evolution in expanding universe. The new... [read more]
  • Strange Journey
    In-between the spaces body moves untouching you. A poem crashes on the tongue. You will not... [read more]
  • Snow Storm Rolls In
    Poised to confront the improvised explosive device of winds, good moonday stands in melting... [read more]
  • Threnodial
    Between the hope and betrayal lies the truth- a terra cotta version of time. A vitrified china... [read more]
  • In Search Of Tremors
    Night comes like a black dog around the corner. I start paying off the debt cry for cry, with... [read more]
  • Nuit Blansh
    I will gather you? through the uproar, when moon picks up the sneaky path, from dizzying heights... [read more]
  • Mask Unmasked
    To become or not to become a renegade, or to die or not to die for a semi-god? These were some of... [read more]
  • Strange Politics
    A soft, but me, black moon coming in bazaar. Will you sell me the dreams? Talking to grave... [read more]
  • A River Flows Inside Me
    You drape me, with wet kisses O moon. I will not forget you in freezing rain. At dangerous... [read more]
  • Defeating Death
    To you, I send my silence, before the fire starts, to engulf the open barn. This mourning must... [read more]
  • Troubled Waters
    Burning the pages unread. A daunting task to rebuild the bruised relic, of future, which I see... [read more]
  • My Chivalry
    What happened? I would ask the realness of genocidal face. The blue cock was numb in the laser... [read more]
  • Abstraction
    Amnesia. I want to drink tonight, purple hellebore. Like to protest? the display of private... [read more]
  • Map Reading
    In blood and grass lies the snowman. I must not look at it twice after the spring melt. The... [read more]
  • Map Reading
    In blood and grass lies the snowman. I must not look at it twice after the spring melt. The... [read more]
  • Broken Armour
    I hear your voice coming from within. The disconnect, the cultural clash, from river, from... [read more]
  • Contemplating
    It was just my time. To become responsible for me and I had become recluse, to lose my memory,... [read more]
  • Blackest Mood
    Indicted, the firm grass? will start a fire. I was trying to find my path in smoke. On... [read more]
  • Say Cheese
    Vespa, the live wasp of paper house, feeding the insects to little ones. Silicon valley. The... [read more]
  • The Genius
    Water has the wisdom, the bones may not agree. No commentary today. There was no eternal friend... [read more]
  • Watching The Lethality
    I The blend of gene and name. How you carry the legacy? II We are losing the war. You are... [read more]
  • Blending
    Lion's tooth, dandelion in dead winter, holds on to your dress. * for warmth. The oranges... [read more]
  • Undreaming
    The euphemism goes? beyond the soft feather, becoming weightless. You must put it in the... [read more]
  • Unworthy Of Book
    Handcuffed, you digress from the vacuity. A bucket full of hymns, will not? erode, the fog of... [read more]
  • Water Was Transparent
    A firefly in a jar will not fly. Presiding over the genocide how can you count the dead... [read more]
  • Oceanic Art
    A silent vigil was on, for sun, which was getting ready, to pass on the baton, to sleeping moon... [read more]
  • Empty Hands
    Landed into a pi I? am still struggling to sort out, what did I lose in vocabulary. It was a... [read more]
  • Au Revoir
    Skin deep, the moon goes with me, to bid goodbye to old year. I have moved nearer to the door... [read more]
  • Once Again
    I hear again your voice after injury pause. An apologia. It is still kempt, the mist scented,... [read more]
  • Lynx-Eyed
    The long tentacles return to gather you, in clawless loops. What do you see in the godless... [read more]
  • Nobody Can Say
    Wearing raw beef, speaking Buddha, it was real time in dystopia. I was wondering, how to cheat... [read more]
  • Reviving The Schism
    A mentalist does not feel secure, when you start jaywalking in the empty street. What was the... [read more]
  • Unbecoming Of The Poem
    The fat moon rises, when the bland earth gives a call. Like the black magic of depression, in... [read more]
  • Avoiding The Virtue
    In moments of hubris, of artificial hip, the most unknowable thing was the blood thought. An... [read more]
  • Ultimate Tongue
    In praise of body like a bow, shooting arrows of clemency. But I have come to deny myself, the... [read more]
  • Song Of Promotion
    I am not going to touch the meaning? of nativity for unknown guests. A cameo appearance of... [read more]
  • With No Apology
    On the mount a broad-leaved tree was preparing for self destruction. It was too cold under the... [read more]
  • Phenomenal Defeat
    A wine taster was ready to begin the birth of night. A wrinkle displays the absurd mediocrity... [read more]
  • Émigré
    It was not mental, when you said, ? in solstice, the body and the physics of ashes become one,... [read more]
  • An Acrimonious Dialogue
    The ambrosial ending of the day. I was not sure of myself. How would the thumb mould the pen in... [read more]
  • Winter Night
    It was never meant, to be the triumph of the death in the night of the snowfall. The silent... [read more]
  • Sparkling
    Moon in dying on the icy bridge as I stand in fog to hear the music of hung verdict you are... [read more]
  • 16th December 2013
    Leaning against the shadow of self, starting the monologue. With the fall I don't want to think... [read more]
  • Feeding The Past
    I take me, in the whirlpool of bridges for a nonprofit. Gathering on rocks begins. Moonlight... [read more]
  • Reminiscing
    I catch the sadness of gray woods. Stone by stone, gathering the twilight of fall. Would you... [read more]
  • Naked As Ice
    Howling wind! Why were you gathering the? dead leaves, sweeping the desolate white road? A... [read more]
  • Skipping The Steps
    A tree waits to hug me after shedding the leaves. The man becomes a child, entwining the... [read more]
  • White Lies
    It was a glass house. A burning boat capsizes in milk body, creating a schism. Relentlessly, a... [read more]
  • Snowline
    A blank paper invites for rape. Snow sinks for a prelude. The black swan flies away for the... [read more]
  • The Immaculate Descent
    The God refuses to accept the infant universe. After the elusive cues, there were antique... [read more]
  • Standing In Fog
    A diminutive moon will ask about the infinity of blackness, when I was waiting in November night... [read more]
  • The Reverie
    It was devastating. Out of boredom, drops in the moon, in the month October. Hanging over a... [read more]
  • Breaking Black And White
    Bending the truth, you return back to your home, separated by a? monologue of lie. When do we... [read more]
  • A Death's Kiss
    Sometimes I do not want to be talked about. Like the setting sun. The earthworm was busy in... [read more]
  • Bitter Sweet
    Autumn was round the corner. I was preparing for the fall. The great wall is crumbling. Will... [read more]
  • Without Destination
    You come to me like a fall. All the colors have arrived. The being, an entity? multiplies. For... [read more]
  • Fractured
    Blunt and bold were the wet spots. You bleed like me. The seizure takes hold of millions... [read more]
  • Night Spots
    Tonight the moon will sit on the gazobe, to have a look at the sea, rising. * On the night's... [read more]
  • Unthreading
    It was a damp kiss of an image. Dispassionately you drop an old coin into my hands. Faithless... [read more]
  • Many Shades
    The brown rice were not yet ready. An old man turns in grave. * The thingness was shapeless... [read more]
  • Crumbling Down
    Can you understand the agony of a titan, which cannot afford to show its fall? Missing the... [read more]
  • Uninviting Destiny
    I would not understand your fabric, when you come wearing only smile. The politics of life was... [read more]
  • Too Crowded Was Arena
    I felt you, through your words. Tight and crisp. But you remained untouchable. For thousand of... [read more]
  • Wounded And Alive
    In search of wholeness, the words sit around me cutting the edge of the corn ear. A new... [read more]
  • Covered With Quills
    This paper lantern in lake was in love with you. The water oscillating, not the taper. * The... [read more]
  • Turning To Dark
    I believe in you, O tidal mouth, where the salt meets the stream. I never had any God to put... [read more]
  • A Spirited Dust
    Was it a calculated risk, when it was poetry, falling like rains on the parched lips of... [read more]
  • Each Day
    The suffering was suffering. You pay for it. There was no point in returning, to fumble.... [read more]
  • No Revenge
    Penultimately, I pick up my choice of not accepting my defeat. The grades were falling. Yet my... [read more]
  • The Deep Cut
    Under your baton, The targets are being identified. Moon will find out the hiding of muse. A... [read more]
  • For Heaven's Sake
    In shreds, the day has passed. At night, I will touch; the unasked questions. You were... [read more]
  • Tall Slogans
    A futile attempt to go for a collection spree. You got only the numbers. It had to happen. The... [read more]
  • The Ire
    Encrypting the cause? of death. Why do you truss up the statement? Tell me, whom you were... [read more]
  • From The End
    Hard and brittle, the cost of sealing the lips was increasing overnight. Cleaving the thoughts?... [read more]
  • Reclaiming The Legacy
    A shut door without a house would not open, would not open. An unsealed house without a door... [read more]
  • Some Snippets
    A sleepwalker gives up a snake, inside the sleeves. The dog outruns the moon. * You draw a... [read more]
  • Quick Snatches
    Lesser evil of a god will preside over the verdict. There was a sexual assault in the temple.... [read more]
  • Echos In September
    Under a sickle moon, the effect was colossal. The mute words were floating like vespae. There... [read more]
  • What September
    Ceaselessly, the September moon was sending poems in quick succession. Life had come to a... [read more]
  • Deterrence
    This September. It is going to be very quiet. I am trying to caress the mimosa, which always... [read more]
  • Recounting
    Uncannily sanguine, wounded by biting gnats? you return home. You would call the family for a... [read more]
  • Eaten By White Ants
    Downy mildew, blinks. The sun will not come back to rein in its own might. The temple gold,... [read more]
  • Smoke Signals
    A severed hand, after the blast, working on a script writes about the musicality of blood.... [read more]
  • Smoke Signals
    A severed hand, after the blast, working on a script writes about the musicality of blood.... [read more]
  • Of Land And Ills
    The dancing paper, humilates the pen. A stunning defeat for morality. In splendid withdrawl,... [read more]
  • Voiceless Assaults
    You are waiting amid fears. The fretting does not end. At where, the road ends? To find a blue... [read more]
  • Fading Glory
    You want to cover your amnesia. Death has no other color. How far you will go to retrieve the... [read more]
  • For The Skin And Eyes
    Not confessional. Without reading the body there was no room. My fever rises in limbs. Giving... [read more]
  • No Carnage
    A house without doors I was living in fog. The infamous review will tell about the fallen... [read more]
  • World Moves On
    The ethical dilemma, and chaste abscenity, were the game changers. Vowel syncope was making it... [read more]
  • A Nonarrival
    Munitions in place you were ready to strike. What you wanted to find out, I had found in my... [read more]
  • Once On Earth Day
    Returning to the ragpicker like a lone fly of love triangle, said? were you writing a letter to... [read more]
  • Fading Faces
    Widening the scope you want to remain at center stage. Thinking starts, battling the ghosts.... [read more]
  • Balancing Act
    Collecting the dirt, a speechless drama unfolds. Now you can hear the? wails of buried amnesia.... [read more]
  • Counting The Steps
    When saline drowns the lips, my words tremble. Almost I stumble upon the fish house spilling... [read more]
  • Empathy With Tattered Cape
    Weep every don. All the translations were fake. The yellow peaks do not burn the sky, now at... [read more]
  • Demanding Answers After The Chemical Attacks In Damascus
    I was not afraid of the clock, ticking, dividing your attention. A guarded withdrawl of the... [read more]
  • Unhurting
    Unshackled, the pallor moon was lying still, in a white? shroud of clouds, only face visible,... [read more]
  • Ancient Echoes
    Art of dying comes, after you listen to the siren song. The intention was to kill yourself,... [read more]
  • Stopping The Wheels
    It was a free fall. A plot seems to thicken. I would never know. Perhaps I will not explain,... [read more]
  • Rehabilitation
    Trying to bring the change with bleeding silver. As it is/was, this world. You may not agree to... [read more]
  • Endless Yearning
    The thirst will know, the river was there. To lie on the grass was ultimate. It was not the... [read more]
  • Of Innocence And Black Magic
    The evil city? You become the smallest light. The lamb did not save the godman. I was praying... [read more]
  • A Keyhole Surgery
    Sometimes, I want to write a folk poem, without name. Anonymously, you want to postpone the... [read more]
  • I Shall Let Go
    Moisture was becoming the strength of dry eyes; pounding a glacier. There were different stages... [read more]
  • Condensation
    A butterfly in a bell jar. All I know, we understand each other. There was no sun at... [read more]
  • Unbroken View
    Segment by segment the secret breaks. There was no song afterwards. A robin hops on the dirt... [read more]
  • An Uncanny Feeling
    I would let it go anything now. Will not accept any grace. I am moving unfazed? buttons apart.... [read more]
  • Not Water Proof
    Stoned to death. The rooted plants had begun to climb the mountain. Very hot here. Difficult... [read more]
  • Classical Entry
    It takes billions of years for ancient light to reach us and rescue the trapped darkness. You... [read more]
  • Invisible Ink
    I will meet the moon on the terrace, when the dust settles on the lids, smothering the... [read more]
  • Updated
    I will not elaborate, what I mean. You have to dig out the treasure. The puzzle was not new.... [read more]
  • Holding Back
    The credibility of an apple becoming an icon. It draws first blood, when you? were sleeping.... [read more]
  • Not Accountable
    A breast bomb, makes a sudden lunge- disfiguring the landscape till your body was pulled out.... [read more]
  • The Ground Gives Way
    To blunt the offence of beautiful pain you stopped remaining good. This was a perverse... [read more]
  • No Explanation
    How difficult it was to remain a simple truth, as passive grass with no frills. I was ready to... [read more]
  • How Did You Arrive?
    After sitting in dark through the black smiles, you cannot stand the light. The bloodshed,... [read more]
  • People Versus Silence
    In the humid night there was a circularity of rhythmic chirping of the crickets. Suddenly there... [read more]
  • Shooting Stars
    It is over. The curtain falls. I have come to settle? my account with the waning moon. Will... [read more]
  • In Mist
    There was a scream, a howl. Something, somebody had scuttled the platter. You stop and frisk... [read more]
  • Off The Tangent
    To foil the pride of initiating the blasts; there was a terror watch? to share a common link of... [read more]
  • A Nondescript Night
    The quality drops. You look at the sky. A juvenile moon was following us. The intention was... [read more]
  • Appropriatly Speaking
    No use, running after the scent of the hounded animal. The cat was dead. You cannot travel... [read more]
  • Forces Unseen
    He was slated to become godless, without engaging? the nature. The violence continues in every... [read more]
  • Flawless
    Like walking on coal dump coming of age. Magnifying the blackness of a miner's hands.... [read more]
  • Cross Beams
    A quest for negativity after becoming apolitical. The moon was marginalized, when you lighted... [read more]
  • Did Not We Cry?
    Ash and smoke. I am fever, not becoming any sound. Like a lichen, a mycorrhiza on damp soil,... [read more]
  • Bloodless Eyes
    The fresco had started peeling off. I was? searching for my ancestors. The walls had the... [read more]
  • Renunciation
    The bifurcation? was complete. A fire baby? and a weird ritual. Criticality was redundant,... [read more]
  • The Seeker
    Skin bleached in moon, you prepare yourself tonight to hit the mystry, of a recipient. The days... [read more]
  • Sunbath
    The tibial spiking now hurts. The floaters on the dried bed? of bones, speak volumes of sand... [read more]
  • Musing On
    There was an urgency? to finish the job, beheading the tulips. Wolves were coming. The... [read more]
  • Concealed Fever
    It is raining. The water colors. I miss the ache. When, to wear a crimson dot on forehead, the... [read more]
  • A Hanging Tale
    Your hands tremble, when you accept? the cup of hemlock. Not like Socrates, who described the... [read more]
  • Being Alone
    Writing your own elegy in a blocked artery? for a syntactic analysis. How do I know that... [read more]
  • Not A Dream
    Imperfect mating. I am lurching forward? in a chaotic non-existence. There was no divinity in... [read more]
  • When Technology Fails
    Your comatose countenance: punctuates a coronal spurt. Life will never forget this insult and... [read more]
  • Testimony
    A wax house you were gifted to live in sun. No comments. As if the chess game now starts. You do... [read more]
  • Moon Burning
    I become again a fakir, but not on alms. A giver wants nothing after a knife thrust. Take... [read more]
  • A Patty Thing
    The primal urge to undo? your hair. I am going crazy. It ends at beginning. A rite of passage... [read more]
  • Vast And Near
    To shut the methane, you sent? the barbs. The brutal assault against the thimbles. I will not... [read more]
  • Disconnection
    Move on. O city, you were not worth of living any more, sleeping on your tusks. I will not... [read more]
  • I Will Write A Poem
    He used to tread lightly as if walking on concrete, barefoot? to capture the apologetic colours... [read more]
  • Beyond The Stars
    Coming from the dark? to deceptive bloodletting. The light was my father. That eternal moment... [read more]
  • On The Death Of A Friend
    Unsung: how it was, you died wearing your shoes? The jesamins will meet you? in the backyard.... [read more]
  • Infinity Of Aching
    Leaker had started the invasion of the lake. The house blinks every night. Was there any... [read more]
  • Another Mistake
    Training your voice, you had come around to open? the door of the miasma. The departure... [read more]
  • An Elegy
    The abundance spills on my torn shirt, when I was gathering your voice. The affiliated sore... [read more]
  • An Elegy
    The abundance spills on my torn shirt, when I was gathering your voice. The affiliated sore... [read more]
  • Killing Yourself
    It was a flame in the drizzle: a golden peacock. I was trying to understand the Adam and Eve.... [read more]
  • Where Dreams Live
    Despite the great divide a dialogue must ensue, between earth and sky. This was a climacteric... [read more]
  • Kidnapped
    Lamenting, what not to? think. Condemned to burn the words daily. The dwindling values tear... [read more]
  • From The Edge
    You were becoming more prone to violence, confronting the moon. Heat was rising. Like a... [read more]
  • Picking Up The Threads
    No attachment with the alma mater. You have eaten away all the grass. Bounteous breast was... [read more]
  • From The Streetlamp
    Hits you in the face, disseminating the chivalry of fragile connotation. A virtue slips away... [read more]
  • The Raging Storm
    A scavenger fails to thrive in upward mobility. The emotion becomes a virtual, collects all the... [read more]
  • Influenced By Lingua Franca
    Be precise, I would say. The definition was changing? of the sand, in our eyes. Who was going... [read more]
  • Great Defiance
    A smear campaign starts against the ladder, which permits? the ascension, but leaves the spaces... [read more]
  • Great Withdrawl
    The urgency to bite the bullet was uncalled for. I could wait for eternity. From night to night... [read more]
  • Shadow Boxing
    Find an auspice today. The moon was coming back after an abdication. Lurching on cobblestoned... [read more]
  • Modesty
    In fever, I will always see butterflies landing on your nose. White, yellow, black. They come... [read more]
  • One Turmoil Deep Inside
    Resisting your wisdom I want to remain, thoughtless. Not bargaining, I come in the crowd, to... [read more]
  • Interlacing To Catch A Theme
    With the tip in the center, this is the circle of an iron will undoing the circination. You are... [read more]
  • The Atrocities
    Friends and foes would have a scuffle about, who was going to pluck the lymphoma. A rainbow... [read more]
  • Before The Sunset
    I am trying to do my bit, nonpareil. A soundproof doer, erasing the palm from the painting?... [read more]
  • Predictions
    The hunger was scouring each house? in utopia? daring you to open the door. Weavers were ready... [read more]
  • Predictions
    The hunger was scouring each house? in utopia? daring you to open the door. Weavers were ready... [read more]
  • The Dumps
    The words had started to fail me. There was always an ‘if'? before every war of hunger. The... [read more]
  • Why A Poem
    Unfazed you stand in? a drizzle, to locate the moon nestling in clouds. The speed of bite was... [read more]
  • Be The Human
    Not giving or taking. I will share you? in water. Believing was not significant. I was holding... [read more]
  • For The Heritage
    For the beasts and men, a transition will not work. This was explicit cap? the polar ice was... [read more]
  • Taking The Odds
    An amniotic fluid initiates the moon to the thunderstorm? as you climb the tide. Like a stag?... [read more]
  • New Invasion
    Nestling in the arms of blue sky, a young moon was asking the questions?like the pages of... [read more]
  • Old Maxims
    This was a twisted ladder for reduction of poverty, which climbs the steps during methane... [read more]
  • No Demagogue
    This was not a witch or witchcraft, striking a pose to entice the sleep. The grass will not?... [read more]
  • Dog Days
    Why do I give you the bliss? of my poverty? The burden of asking, was light. Not like the... [read more]
  • Sting's Betrayal
    Not settled anytime between a beast, an angel and the man: who was indebted to whom. A cyclic... [read more]
  • A Fracas Goes On
    Remarkably steadfast, the mighty oak was standing up, as the thick rain was pounding at it. I... [read more]
  • Sheer Expanse Of Tragedy
    Staring into nothingness? the body clicks. Smells the pungent fumes and/ cedes the suspension of... [read more]
  • Frost Was Setting In
    No moon tonight I had to find? my path along the hedges by fireflies. The river was in haze,... [read more]
  • Matter Of Fate
    While ascending throne, you cover up your tracks? by putting up the somber demeanor. I don't... [read more]
  • Blood Stained
    For a long time I will look at you to find my image. In the grainy morn? the frivolity,... [read more]

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