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Satish Poems by Satish Verma

  • Flickering Curtain
    Circles under the eyes becoming darker? perforating the disaster of moons. The arcs will take... [read more]
  • Carelessly
    Where will you go when you are not right, not wrong? And train will not stop at your station.... [read more]
  • Secrets Of Unknown
    Stone gods envision the interface between man and beast. * He sits with his head sunk in... [read more]
  • Coming Out Of Asylum
    Multiple hurts? and you still want to live in this dystopia. The queue was lengthening to... [read more]
  • Wild Reflections
    After a long journey he wants to sit under the moon. * Not calling home, he wanted to cross... [read more]
  • Faint Viberations
    I want to be eloquent, with myself? to write a poem. * Do you have a clean blade as pure as... [read more]
  • Displacing The Milestones
    Talking of myths, in dichotomy of grace? when somebody said that the facts were loose truths.... [read more]
  • Are You There
    The wheels. I decide to abandon? the home. * The pain of darkness returns. Wax drips from a... [read more]
  • Undestined
    This was an illegal kill between you and me. I will abdicate? my headstone. The black eyes... [read more]
  • Crossroads
    At crisis of inquiry, you search the questions. Life throws up a savage violence. Bruising our... [read more]
  • Proving False
    News runs faster than the sun. It is dark already. You have started arresting the shadows. I... [read more]
  • Hauntingly
    Sometimes the unholy fears come obliquely? from the scorpions. Tongue tastes the salt of... [read more]
  • Black Script
    After the skin, the corti were trying to measure the silence before the cloudburst. The white... [read more]
  • Emotional Resonance
    Sorcery comes handy when you start beheading the sunflowers. The mountain goes bald, qualifies... [read more]
  • Kaleidoscopic
    In shadow of the moon, why an illict bone, indentured to the spirit of Buddha? The footsteps... [read more]
  • One Black Summer
    I break myself today, angry with me, for small things. Not able to finish the track, I will... [read more]
  • What Else Does It Mean
    You did not tell me? what did you want? Departure was sad, unceremonious, escaping an epitaph.... [read more]
  • The Safe Journey
    How not to feel the rapture of the deep after arousal of a centotaph. Like losing a hand,... [read more]
  • Just Meandering
    In search of? lotus flower, you go in water. * The frog croaks, sitting on bowl-leaf. *... [read more]
  • Prayer In Message
    There were no regrets? from the life to lose the game. Tell me, how can I forget you, when flesh... [read more]
  • Ceremonial
    Coming of age becomes temporal, when I start to speak. It was my ancient wound? which had come... [read more]
  • Something To Happen
    The ache of taking a call, when my book was burning. I scramble to warn the bees, not to come... [read more]
  • Not Left Behind
    I will keep on looking back, when you would not be there. Trying to put it behind me, the... [read more]
  • Causing Intense Pain
    Clouds had veiled the waning sun. A topaz. A blast, becomes quite blasé at first then... [read more]
  • Warbirds
    O Zero man! you come with a continuous denial, of thirst of war, a habit, predation. When... [read more]
  • Lift The Death's Veil
    Questioning yourself? like a Spanish Inquisition. Ruthlessly digging out, the anatomy of... [read more]
  • Sparklers
    Life, sex and pain were of mundane existence. From where to where, we have arrived. * From a... [read more]
  • In Exasperation
    Open the news paper and find out that war has a set sequence of going daily, and has a... [read more]
  • Undraped Souls
    Inexplicable. I run my own life, when epicenter moves to periphery. A drink of hemlock from... [read more]
  • Femina
    It was the frontal assault of brutal summer. I waited for the rain to come and fall on my neck.... [read more]
  • Inundation
    Standing on black stones? in water death, I let it go, my pride at the end of bay. No obituary... [read more]
  • Afloat In Words
    Would not move the things. They had moved me. I will never be the same. Probably a time to... [read more]
  • Autodidact
    Will not donate my bloodstained shirt. It divides the cuffs. The alphabet turns around to... [read more]
  • Color And Shades Of Punta Cana
    1. Memories on edge one after the other? salted, dried and smoked. On green sea? in a sail... [read more]
  • The Thick Skins
    Anointed truth had no path. Path was the truth. Not a play of emotions. I am talking about... [read more]
  • Lake Huron On 4th July
    Sun breaks on green lake? into myriad of white birds, fluttering their wings. In wet grass... [read more]
  • Gracefully
    A lake walk, in the forest of limbs. Like the blind man said, I can hear the truth. It was... [read more]
  • Grafting The Lichens
    We are going back. Let it be. I will never know? when will you arrive. In the aloneness,... [read more]
  • Unknowing The Real
    The founder will not find the copper to cast the history. It has not begun to hear the farewell... [read more]
  • Collapsing
    He wants to revert back to mutism. No thyme? no secrecy. The half-baked pursuit of... [read more]
  • The Enabler
    You come to me formless, to claim your dues? of whispering poems. At sharp cliff, what was... [read more]
  • Unabated Rage
    A poem borrowed from the roses sits today on my lips. Crowded with pricks at night, words move... [read more]
  • Missed Adventures
    The waves had brought me to you. Do not be gentle to time. Lower the songs into a mass grave,... [read more]
  • In Quiteude
    I walk towards you? till it hurts. In moment of nemesis I set you free, and deceive me. You... [read more]
  • Unhooked From Space
    The cat had the feral look. The home was burning. Drag of day to day dying unceremoniously.... [read more]
  • Of Heaven Aside
    The intimate god, versus the body of slain faith, was not ready to bring in the rains. What... [read more]
  • Do Not Throw The Stones
    Living in a wax palace and deliberately? firing it. The beseeching fault of life. It demands... [read more]
  • Of Revenge
    Half night of insomnia half night magma you never go quiet. Tremors of blaze enter the veins.... [read more]
  • Losing Oneself
    What would you give when I ask for nothing? A mysterious lineage of the soul. It has no... [read more]
  • The Blue Lake Burns
    When the roaring tiger was behind the bars, there was this otherness. So much voiceless was... [read more]
  • The Golden Dust
    The other day. A full moon was walking on the pavement like a pedestrian. I was dumbfounded... [read more]
  • Vagaries
    Intimacy in dark carries the emptiness, pauses in the way? under the faint moon. A homeless... [read more]
  • Unknown Burns
    Flawless surrender, when the leaves were falling of bougainvillea, while the hot wind blew past.... [read more]
  • Wary Of Tomorrow
    A moth love was evolving, without a flame. You are going to bang the wall. It was too early to... [read more]
  • Flying Woes
    The cat was finally dead. After a professional cut. An infant injury of the cadaver, will not... [read more]
  • Nobody Was Innocent
    You were not facing the facts to defeat yourself? with palm leaves wiping away the stains of... [read more]
  • Invisible Import
    The space had a scent. In stunned silence, I will speak my mind. More was less. Nothing stirs,... [read more]
  • Finally Injured
    What you did not know was the resilience of tulips. The riots start in colors, earnestly. A... [read more]
  • Dedication
    Answering your own question, wrapping the kill? as manifestation of God's will. The old earth... [read more]
  • The Soliloquist
    Stares down, the grey moon, fixedly, in naked aggression… Fire and brimstone. I move one... [read more]
  • Knife And Boat
    Like the banana peel thrown on the sidewalk, you come across the life. And you still go on, in... [read more]
  • Untitled
    The triangle? right-angled. Pythagorean I would never find the center. An absence gnaws at me.... [read more]
  • Fish Ladder
    Like a snake it moves. My poem. You are not, what you were in the night, lightning the grey... [read more]
  • No Acrimony
    You decline to speak? to listen? to see like a meditating Buddha. Like a sunflower with moon... [read more]
  • For Pythia
    In suddenness, I will write a poem for you. You had stopped at the outset, like a black moon... [read more]
  • A Black Speech
    Refusing to be healed. A wound will stay awake. Mired in bitter controversy, the captain said?... [read more]
  • The Hymn Of Love
    Stoma opens, ejects the scream. Oh, my god. The ink spilled on the sheet, hiding the code.... [read more]
  • See My Hands
    Overreaching for chemical signs and word for word, you want to move on- without parents. This... [read more]
  • Forecasting
    Understanding? the sexuality of clock. Time moves the hands, of past, the present. The... [read more]
  • Noesis
    A near cult glows/ on faces? for harvesting peace, saluting each other, without flame. I have... [read more]
  • But Nothing
    No it will not work. The amalgam of arrival and departure. Debunking the theme of... [read more]
  • This Cosmos
    The tall, dense, tree of life divides the culture, ages. Will witness? the gorgeous, ruinous and... [read more]
  • Uncrossable
    Xanax in the blood screams. Empty chairs. Small birds, hopping from here to there. Waiting for... [read more]
  • Startling Likeness
    Yes it is descriptive only, the unbearable pain of denudation, like blue heartache. Touching... [read more]
  • Scars
    There was obsession, to wash your hands again and again. They swing wildly. The moods. Betel... [read more]
  • Evocative Images
    A single line, undefined, hangs to make your life vulnerable. The drifting starts. You fumble... [read more]
  • Whirling Dervish
    In being and unbeing I come to you today? in unconscious state. Excessively leaning on cause,... [read more]
  • What Grammer
    The tremors. One day I would know. The trees are walking. No miracle. We are? becoming... [read more]
  • Far And Wide
    The night poem crucial was the breast-feed the train whistles by the thugs squirm no... [read more]
  • To Know What We Do Not Know
    Though inaudible, I will hear you? clear and distinct, offering to be understood. Destigmatizing... [read more]
  • Melting Nowhere
    Everything was in place, and I started to find? the kingpin, door by door. Wanted to know more... [read more]
  • Lynching
    Eclectically, do not say anything; put a bullet in your head and go to sleep. I know what was... [read more]
  • Distant Dangers
    Aquilla. Would you carry the burden of ungiving? Transmuted, I will find you in portrait of... [read more]
  • Do Not Wear The Dreams
    You were different from others, away from home and hypocrisy, unlistening to the fiat of karma.... [read more]
  • Dilemma Of Ink
    The ostrich problem of catalepsy. You go into a cocooned opacity. I will wait, till you come... [read more]
  • Living Perilously
    You will remember? what I would not? the inner darkness of noon. A bright sun goes blind for a... [read more]
  • Wolverines
    Night blinks. Light sits under the door. I am ready to confront the moon. Too much brilliance... [read more]
  • Dismantled
    Trembling… the burning coal has gone to sleep, before igniting the dry grass. Eye to eye... [read more]
  • Infinitude
    Be what you are. As night falls, I start moon spotting standing starkly against the pain.... [read more]
  • Never Wanting
    The weight of the ideology flattens your upheaved chest. You speak, what you did not want to say.... [read more]
  • The Accidental Fall
    My bronzed speech is available, accepting the defeat of daffodils. I will not write an elegy.... [read more]
  • Ecce Homo
    When silence stays alone in the hollow of the eyes, would you come? In the audacity of beauty... [read more]
  • Vengeance
    Arithmetic becomes poetry, when you start counting the stars in Milky Way. Light will cross... [read more]
  • The Face In Flames
    Salt-of-the lips. You never know, how it hurts the bigotry. It was not the might of divinity,... [read more]
  • Never Again
    You to whom, I am lost, the remaining pain will fetch the grace? poise and dignity of ending.... [read more]
  • Levitating In Solitude
    The heartwood had the ingrained dream map, to reach the divine shape of a solemn god, who was... [read more]
  • Welcoming New Era
    Wearing the red bandanna, you tried to manipulate the bedrock. Life had been never the same for... [read more]
  • Stone-Faced
    Your interpretation was a miracle of unbelieving. I was not a flesh eater. Between paradise... [read more]
  • Victory March
    The living dead are going to ask for the right to be forgotten in gender dysphoria. In grimed... [read more]
  • The Ephemerality
    It was punctuated night. You sleep into wakefulness. The space between the shut-eyes trembles,... [read more]
  • Thinking In Depth
    The moment of truth has? arrived. The earth has moved the man. It was accidental verdict. You... [read more]
  • The Honey-Sellers
    In searing heat, on the fern path? a thoughtless journey begins. You cancel the prayer for... [read more]
  • Forced Tragedy
    You loosen the grip and let go the bank. After throwing itself on the burning pyre, the phoenix... [read more]
  • Black Days
    It was a marathon race of timeline. The days are bound and shot. How do I come to you to express... [read more]
  • Fading Sheen
    My little dirty moon, why were you hiding? when the vulture-poems had an uncanny similarity with... [read more]
  • Heartache
    Wanting to die young hairy and unbaked, not telling the truth. It was a savage vendetta. The... [read more]
  • Amused
    Night falls in rings. The poetry becomes a summer dilemma. A dancing frog starts... [read more]
  • Amused
    Night falls in rings. The poetry becomes a summer dilemma. A dancing frog starts... [read more]
  • The Enigma
    The traveler sleeps in a sepulcher, endlessly, timelessly, where no ray of light enters. Like... [read more]
  • Difficult To Understand
    To connect with a reclusive mind, was an uphill task. You become? vunerable again. Everyday... [read more]
  • Difficult To Understand
    To connect with a reclusive mind, was an uphill task. You become? vunerable again. Everyday... [read more]
  • Quizzing
    The great lines, you quote, don't stir me... you know my vexation, with the twinkling lights,... [read more]
  • Discovery
    As I accept the verdict, the dead-soul beast? jumps up, draws out the sword and starts cutting... [read more]
  • Unburned Houses
    Once you are labeled, The human input is out and you start falling apart. My home, and I am... [read more]
  • Unburned Houses
    Once you are labeled, The human input is out and you start falling apart. My home, and I am... [read more]
  • Buoyancy
    I punish myself daily to deny a god. Do angels cry? Pinning hope in a crisis to extract the... [read more]
  • The Great Divide
    Cut the masks and you will find a river of sorrow in the unblinking eyes. The mud tears had... [read more]
  • After The Chemo
    You said this summer, hold me tight, when hanging lights? go out. I will heal your moon, your... [read more]
  • Eyes Like Flints
    A streak of sin, just as culpable, gives back my pains. A half-finished poem jolts me out of my... [read more]
  • Something Different
    Transcribing my emptiness, like emulating an ape? to study the anatomy? of a scar. There was a... [read more]
  • Vox Humana
    The family pride goes for the jugular. The rotational push, dooms the vessel. I come out in... [read more]
  • Retroaction
    Celebrating the summer. Planting a wet kiss on? the hiding moon. Dousing the flames, you come... [read more]
  • Accepting Defeat
    Where was the empirical evidence, that you don't exist? The vibes were becoming stronger. The... [read more]
  • Reply To Fear
    This country divides us. Only cameos were displayed. The ache of the holy river was your body... [read more]
  • Weird Enigma
    You have to spell it out. Where the sun sets in shifting sands? Picking up the heart rocks? I... [read more]
  • My Truce
    Without trying to become an avenger, you were trying to find the? joy of primitive faith. The... [read more]
  • Homage To Flesh
    Far beyond the light years, I will seek the darkness? where the hope was born, and night had the... [read more]
  • Unborn Desires
    When I make a heap of all my killer pains, rains come. A half-moon casts a spell. Hope used to... [read more]
  • Tenacity
    It was a breech birth, scuttling the forecast, under water search. Sad night. The sand fills... [read more]
  • Watercolors
    It was a mixed affair of love and hate. You are in deep water to engage in a dialogue. Almost... [read more]
  • I Will Not Agree
    This was the first evidence of altered genes. Keeping you in abeyance, the barbs fly from lips... [read more]
  • Stationary Waves
    Becoming, antinormal was not a? big task, like discovering a new mineral. It was upside down a... [read more]
  • Sonorous Tones
    To skim the sky like swifts, when you move away from yourself. Holding a four-leaf clover,... [read more]
  • Nobody Will Die
    Knowing the beginning and the end, you stand in water. Transparency should come first, waiting... [read more]
  • Moonlit Lake
    Hot fish becomes topiarist. I want to remove the scales. Once for all. The lesser island... [read more]
  • Knocking At Door
    I would not bend the truth. A grape in mouth will stimulate the wedge. Night will hammer on my... [read more]
  • The Bleak Landscape
    In this cruel summer, body becomes a river? embroiled in sun. Gnomes tied to our bones dragging... [read more]
  • Into The Dark
    In western sky hundreds of small birds were flying in an arc, synchronized in orange. The... [read more]
  • Said In Part
    Impacted in lunar surface, the centuries of dust and dust of centuries, were willing to surrender... [read more]
  • Closed Chain
    Not a single word wept, when sky was overcast. Who wins ultimately? The cell in the death, or... [read more]
  • Traveling Constantly
    Again I have come back in the crowd of fakes, to understand the nature of dark. The questions... [read more]
  • The Atavism
    The cannibalism was back. You were eating yourself alive. The guts spilt, would meet the dust,... [read more]
  • Praying Mantises
    Unresponsive, an alien ego: I was moving deep into the soul-search. The compactness was... [read more]
  • On Sick Bed
    There were involuntary pauses. When you stretch at the sheets. Those were scorching questions,... [read more]
  • Striving Hard
    Like inky jet, ejected on white paper, the cuttlefish of a poet? was warding off the unseen... [read more]
  • Silent Prayer
    A manic moon in ethereal night- supplicating for a single cord.Not becoming unfaithful to me.... [read more]
  • Irreconcilable
    Genderless, instrusive, was the withering effect, questioning the sex. Filling the space... [read more]
  • Miscues
    After a little wee, I will put the record straight by removing your name from the hit list. No... [read more]
  • What Was Not Said
    The cuckoo gives a final call. Moon was rising. Trivialities of the earth be aside.My dream... [read more]
  • No Reason To Wait
    The vagility was close to disaster. Standing amid the ruins, we were ready to break ourselves.... [read more]
  • Pack Of Wolves
    You had tasted the salt of a viviparous. There was no asterisk no bluff to cross. Why did you... [read more]
  • Taking Sides
    Courting the dark words picking up from beautiful life, I weave the tapestry- in circle of... [read more]
  • How Dazed?
    Eons ago, it snapped. You don't fit into the mold. Like onion peels, I am trying to open myself... [read more]
  • I Will Not Be Back
    One small step, in dark. A silver of fear slaps you. You move around to confront the past. It... [read more]
  • What You Won't Say
    Don't spell the deportation. Mind seems split- with a maddening feel. Do you see what I see-... [read more]
  • The King Vultures Are Coming
    The causal effect was the kiss of the blind spot. I wake up every morning smelling blood. The... [read more]
  • Violent Flaws
    You call an all night truce of all stripes in moonlight. Only milk will flow in dark. * The... [read more]
  • Poem Of Summertime
    And I will hear you without noise, in the yawn of night when I will open my wound! Burning in... [read more]
  • Falling Debris
    Purity of thoughts, must limit the knowledge? collective withdrawl from the valley of words.... [read more]
  • The Reckoning
    It was revenge on you by unknown. You were sentenced to live before the ashes arrive from thumb... [read more]
  • Parting The Ways
    Like wounded tiger, going for last innings. Like Orpheus listening to water, without looking... [read more]
  • This Universe
    The spirit was not there under the skin? in grey domain. I will not seek any revenge on self.... [read more]
  • Self-Infliction
    This was a perception defict when only a suicide could stop you. From where to where we Have... [read more]
  • A Guilt On Trial
    Like a blood sport you play with me. My thumb bleeds. Cannot be salvaged. You are put on... [read more]
  • Feeding Silkworms
    Living in a different reality. You wanted to confuse the honeybees. They were dying in large... [read more]
  • Sitting Alone
    The shallow incursions grow louder. I have burnt my fingers, lighting the moon. The future of... [read more]
  • Wasting Of Faith
    Annihilating your own minarets to meet the god once. Little time left to make the score. The... [read more]
  • Compressed Emotions
    I had met the flower after a longtime. The rose. And its fragrance hauls me to childhood... [read more]
  • The Exit
    The sleep was disturbed. A book reads me. The thinker will not rest in the arms of Morpheus.... [read more]
  • I Will Not Come Back
    Let me paint a still life.Like your eyes- unmoving.The irises with shut pupils. Why I should be... [read more]
  • Screaming Larks
    Abuzz with profanities. There were gene faults in your conversation; when the ice cap was... [read more]
  • Forever In Coma
    Zinnias were stalking. The fading moon hangs upside down from the massive Ficus tree.... [read more]
  • Without Guilt
    Something exciting was to happen.You call for an assayer. Morality has failed, running after... [read more]
  • Losing The Vision
    I left a piece of moon on my table and started writing about the broken mirror. There was a time... [read more]
  • Dutch Door
    Moving among the glittering? crowns, as in glaciated valley. once again, in capital of grief. I... [read more]
  • Some Ghosting
    Hunting calm, without a kill, without a mirage. A momentary lapse and you suffer for... [read more]
  • Upending
    Trying to quantify the vices in you, I am becoming brute. Going my own way. I join the... [read more]
  • Foetus Was Not Moving
    The mood-lifters you will need, when night falls and the poems start howling. The crisp... [read more]
  • Charisma
    Charisma The caterpillar on the lawn? in the name of god, eating away the copper, the blue... [read more]
  • Secret Whereabouts
    Deck is empty, today: - physics of life unfolds. I know you less now, what I knew you earlier.... [read more]
  • Secret Whereabouts
    Deck is empty, today: - physics of life unfolds. I know you less now, what I knew you earlier.... [read more]
  • Lotus-Eating
    A repeat lover, moon comes back every night in different robes. It was a question of your... [read more]
  • Unwashed By Sins
    Life had tossed you in flames. Like hearthstone, I sit deleting my colors. Time on black feet... [read more]
  • Question Marks
    The milk run appears like flesh trade. A bigamous marriage with two ideologies. The politics... [read more]
  • Not A Renegade
    The summer moon with poetry and musk. I waited full evening to become a coherent whole. I... [read more]
  • Celebrating Dark
    I do not write about something or anything. You will not knock at my door. I will be pained, if... [read more]
  • Chanced To Meet
    It was not, just a kiss of a zodiac sign. You had become a stranger between fight and flight.... [read more]
  • Unpretending
    In search of lost memory, there was no regret of losing any achievement. A Buddha was ready to... [read more]
  • An Acid Attack
    Sometimes I would look at the lame moon. For whom you were faltering? Perhaps, I was a mirror.... [read more]
  • New Family
    To be honest, there was no poem today. A refusal to celebrate the loss of truth in me. The... [read more]
  • The Intense Pain
    It was unbashed invasion, and then you were paraded naked. The marrow was depressed. I will not... [read more]
  • My China Broke
    There was an endless war between you and me O god from time immemorial, in the desert zone.... [read more]
  • Not The God
    A fathomless abyss, you feel the power of wordless going. Sperms leave, when you smell your own... [read more]
  • Many Headed Snake
    The spat between the hydra and sea, was the end of perfect relationship. Now an unqualified,... [read more]
  • The Earthen Death
    Spurned, staring into a void- for a door, burning a sage. Wearing a veil to ward off the... [read more]
  • With Dignity
    What is that of this, I will ask from the question which sleeps on the twisted lip. The probity... [read more]
  • Between This And That
    There was a trust deficit between the rose petals, under the wheels and the moving feet. It... [read more]
  • My Opus Was Melting
    I was preparing myself for a Socratic dialogue, when you come unannounced. If lie was the... [read more]
  • Understatement
    Perched on a tree high wave, a moon was talking long to me. A live-in partenership was in... [read more]
  • What Next
    Between the swaying palms, moon was moving in armada. Why did you come late, to whisper, of... [read more]

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