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Satish Poems by Satish Verma

  • Blinking Lights
    I let it go, sometimes my unborn poem- listening to my wilderness inside. Spreads the pain in... [read more]
  • Improvising
    Like a snake girl, the black tresses trailing behind the heels. The wavering moon was, gliding... [read more]
  • Cuckoo Will Sing Again
    Way off at point-of-no-return, my geometry, collided with you for the last spell. Lines, angles... [read more]
  • Unmoving
    Investing your hands to write something unique- the parrots flew out from your lips. You will... [read more]
  • Aftereffects
    Give me your smile like dew drops of rose- the tears like pearls. The flight of swans- writing... [read more]
  • Thinking Of You
    Once I had asked the nightingale, why did you need to remain in my thoughts? And cloning of... [read more]
  • Very Unsettling
    This was the collective fall, unsolving the riddle of life. In memoriam, I light- tens of... [read more]
  • Sometimes
    Under the denuded chinars, I stand again, waiting for you. The hawks were pining, for a prey-... [read more]
  • In Darkened Mood
    Deflecting the logistical guide, you were becoming a juggernaut- running after the shadows of... [read more]
  • Gift Of Takers
    The poster boy was a blind hunter waiting for the blast. The salt mausoleum melts in moonlight... [read more]
  • Not Seeking Retribution
    Struggling with- a fakir's heart, at random fall, remembering a reverie in quest for unstopping... [read more]
  • The Perspective Fault
    With a live moon between- us, you were staring beyond me in blank looks. Shackled, you hang-... [read more]
  • Too Old
    In times of stress- the island sinks. Will plant a tree today. Will dream again of the fall.... [read more]
  • Posing Questions
    It bewilders me, when I follow you. Why the savaged retribution starts for a separate mouth? I... [read more]
  • Not Reproaching
    Robbed- of my aloneness, by an army of ravens- thoughts. I meditate and weave your face- in... [read more]
  • Being Trust
    Don't speak the truth- loudly. Bipeds are listening. I will not blame any one ever, for my... [read more]
  • A Mask Done
    Your time was not my time. An arrow had pierced the space. There was no past, no present.... [read more]
  • Silent Wails
    Humanoids fill the universe. Where does the humanity live? Back and forth the song birds fly... [read more]
  • Midnight Blues
    Like godfather, moon was giving a benevolent smile. Picking at bedclothes. Cannot sleep- moon... [read more]
  • Taking Off Frills
    Copper-brown I was always looking at your face. One of trinity, the fallen spirit, that did't... [read more]
  • It Was Outlandish
    The genial face of nephrite. Jade, stone of the flank, was becoming sectarian. The pain was... [read more]
  • Beyond Discernment
    The last thing I wanted to say before the sun went down. Heal thyself, Oh seer, stoking the... [read more]
  • Clean Hands
    Deeply troubled inside, I become silent like a quiet, serene sea. Impatience. It has erupted... [read more]
  • Clinging To Hope
    Revealing id, without ego, and hunger. I may not touch you ever, placing my palm down face on... [read more]
  • A Leap Of Faith
    Nothing left to do anything today. Snow falling incessantly. Did not believe ever in... [read more]
  • It Hurts
    You start forgetting the absence of existence. Wishing to remain dead for sometime- to see what... [read more]
  • Where A God Sleeps
    At the end of the day, standing before a shut window- in fear of power game under a cataract of... [read more]
  • The Shaken Faith
    Incandescent- the oil lamps floating on the holy river, have started bleeding. So much blood... [read more]
  • Quite Palpable
    In a wasp moment- alone with myself I was struggling to find the signs. This was an out-of-body... [read more]
  • Black Woods
    The hanged girls, unraped? Or the slit throats? What your antennae are sensing? Unlifting the... [read more]
  • Different Pathways
    Why silently burns- the red moon, in moaning night? Why in my absence, you started picking... [read more]
  • Marking The Graves
    Remaining hawk in voyage of tears, birthing a poem. If art of communicating was via... [read more]
  • Silent Perception
    The crowds, I was always afraid of them. When you were battling for a space, you became a... [read more]
  • Coming And Going
    In last breath, when the door remained open, you walked out. Accepting the truth was my fault.... [read more]
  • Bald Arguments
    How do I remember you, I ask grammarly between life and death. You were not very keen to know,... [read more]
  • The Deep Anguish
    In city of thousand sacrifices the dominion reads- your mind. When you were putting salve on... [read more]
  • Do You See?
    Distrusting a sure rise of moon- if clouds were there. From inside a voice comes to haul a... [read more]
  • Death Was Lucky
    I will find another indigo in you, when you were linked to exercising talons. Stealing my... [read more]
  • Unclaimed
    You create a hybrid without protocol. A body of clay lies- in the morgue. The fear guides you.... [read more]
  • Breakdown
    When you talk of a war on the behalf... you become a sinner. A self-deceit wants to believe in... [read more]
  • Evening Smoke
    It was like a combat exercise at sunset. I won't call any deity for my prayers, and expect to... [read more]
  • Hole In The Heart
    It was all white. You wanted to see the interruption by black rocks. In frost you don't leave... [read more]
  • In Hubris
    Talking to vanishing lights- then I panicked. Historic low. Ghost will not leave. I see him... [read more]
  • Strange Eyebaths
    Looking into yourself, one day you will say I am not an alien. The unborn nightmare takes a... [read more]
  • Suspended Fog
    Charred- blueberries. I am returning your gifts of cruel times, when none was crying. Chewed-... [read more]
  • Morning Hour
    The grass clings to earth- for a feel of mother. A tall conifer sends the message to sky.... [read more]
  • Within The Apparition
    How will you undo the legacy of violence? A thought persistently bothers me. You need high... [read more]
  • The Parable
    Fear of staying in sidelines, as a waning voice, and falling in a drain. You stand at the door... [read more]
  • Sudden Flurries
    A vinyl god hardens. Forsakes affinity. I take a dip in tears. Rains freeze in my turbulent... [read more]
  • No One Was Real
    In aloneless, searching for you- in a dark truth trying to find a place between the eyes.... [read more]
  • If God Wills
    In a sneaky way I liked to distrust him. A between of daemon and man. The fake guru. There was... [read more]
  • What Else
    Was trying to- make eye contact with unknown in dark. Shadows become real people, when I ask... [read more]
  • Not To Be Understood
    We were not in the same book. Gods different, we were placing dots and dashes, smelling nights... [read more]
  • No Makeup
    Milk thistle cheated me. There was no incarnation. The solitary purple flower was my leitmotif.... [read more]
  • Swift Descent
    In cascading tresses, when moon got stuck. I held your face to see the frightened fish in... [read more]
  • Inertia
    The night had dumped the moon on the hill. I was going to drop your name in rose bushes.... [read more]
  • How Blue Was My Country
    The godman also had an underbelly. He lost his vision, came full circle. Now paper lamps... [read more]
  • In Celebration
    The giant pain was nameless. Held captive in tearless screaming. I have come back in my... [read more]
  • The Naked Book
    Come and sleep with me, I said to moon. We have to talk about earth's fidelity. Don't become a... [read more]
  • Collapsing Lights
    There was no ending of questions. I grope, I miss. Memory plays tricks. I have come afar in... [read more]
  • Stray Moments
    Even a lizard- stops and looks at you intently. How the things have gone- wrong without... [read more]
  • Cause And Reality
    In the moment of reckoning or nemesis, I call you from the clouds. It was a poetic whisper, no... [read more]
  • Numberless Crimes
    I was badly shaken- by the strange gene expression. When a bullet- made a hole in your chest,... [read more]
  • Hot Corridors
    Shame of centuries, you wanted to erase. Breasts were empty Strafing nonstop, you throw the... [read more]
  • How Will You Do It?
    In transition, of a starry namesake, holding hand? in priceless moment, of anthropic lineage.... [read more]
  • No Reason
    Collecting more luggage while moving on. The hostages were left behind. A chilling reminder.... [read more]
  • Beyond Imagination
    A truth a day was not sufficient. There were many snakes. The tree will speak under the sky.... [read more]
  • Yawning
    What organicity! Moon was coming down on me. A visual alacrity, accepting the surrender.... [read more]
  • Slow Melting
    Trap unplugged, There was a hairy assault, when you started playing the sitar of three strings.... [read more]
  • Some Thinking Space
    Asking for privacy, a green snake becomes deviant, and turns lunatic. Lunacy demands... [read more]
  • Not Your Doings
    A solemn moon talking to hills, plunged in pain of tainted love. I steer quietly out of this... [read more]
  • In Restraint
    Of many gods, I chose the rock-cut Buddha. At night we would talk daily. Like at talkathon- I... [read more]
  • In Vacuum
    Before you eat your words, smear the dust of rose- on your eyes. The incense will blend with... [read more]
  • Evening Prayers
    I plant my last kiss on the wall of mausoleum, and turn back to face the inevitable... [read more]
  • Grim Reminder
    You come like undersea quake, hitting the sleeping moon. No headlines, no bleeding hearts,... [read more]
  • In Praise Of Unknowing
    The unthinkable, has happened. I am still alive. After the harvest moon, there were- many... [read more]
  • Going For Vendetta
    Take me in moonlight when it is dark, outreaching every ache. I will not ask you anything when... [read more]
  • Sailing Incense
    No wintering. I have come to stay warm-blooded. Recreating the swelled knobs of loaves.... [read more]
  • No Prophet Speaks
    You decide first-whom to blame? As if I am- on threshold of denial and anger. When to kill a... [read more]
  • Way Back To Indolence
    You nurse the tender pains to feed your soul. In sunshine of nothingness, that was falling apart.... [read more]
  • Bull's-Eye
    The divination. A broom- becomes a wager. The penury begets the rags. How much you need?... [read more]
  • A Celestial Missive
    One strange movement stops. You won't conform an angel's thought dream. And I will not give in... [read more]
  • Euphoria
    Moon, eye of night, will watch your mandarins. Deep orange-red? No.I would prefer hard cider.... [read more]
  • Walking Without Shadows
    I will talk of human conflicts. No one was targeted. Like you pick up a slug- and make a... [read more]
  • Remembering An Unknown
    The moon at the window tonight, was like a dreamcatcher. I am going to sleep in your charm.... [read more]
  • Not My Angst
    Tribal instinct spares none. You change the script, and come out to see the murmuration of a... [read more]
  • The Eagle Swoops
    Why ending your life, on death bar, close to terror- of life? This is how your dreams come... [read more]
  • Entering Sanctum Sanctorum
    A sacred lotus emerges from the navel, while you rest on trembling waves. I am shedding my... [read more]
  • Giving A Miss
    Backlash of scars becomes glamorous. It was not my fault. Pulverized temple- rebuilds the god... [read more]
  • In Upheaval...
    This was the rise of animal after dividing the pain of man. The shared past- would guide the... [read more]
  • Without Fetters
    He was not at guilt, it was the neuro- hormones, hired from moon. You were burning inside,... [read more]
  • Repeating Again
    Not a single word was written today, watching the masks being perfected. A nosedive, of what I... [read more]
  • Behind The Glass
    I will write a very soft poem for you today. Moon had promised to standby. You cannot stay... [read more]
  • Not Ready To Forget
    Very scary, I admit- your vintage- lovemaking with a ghost. Life in a crate was creating... [read more]
  • He Did Not Return
    It was not a jubilee, but I had come to pay my debt. Stepping gingerly in your father's study,... [read more]
  • Coming Near You
    Like a walking fern, you were. I was talking to you. Why would you nose down to touch my... [read more]
  • Violent Shaking
    Colored truth, becomes a hot balloon in denial mode. For your own- relevance, negativity will... [read more]
  • Unbendingly
    You went tounveil your own statue, before being shot- dead, for telling the fiction. Day was... [read more]
  • Life In Dewdrops
    In unblemished irish, the vision was a link in blankness of thoughts, when I was weaving a dream... [read more]
  • Elusive Answers
    Constrained. The starlings will not fly today. There was a hole in the sky. The god particles... [read more]
  • The Explosion
    I sleep, I wake for a vigil. What was time? The godhood fails, when you become a beast. The... [read more]
  • Be Deceived
    Living a death daily, becomes a normal chore. It was an intense realization about the... [read more]
  • The Nightmares
    Like Sequoia, you wanted to grow tall. But fear of fall and right to die become two opposite... [read more]
  • Dying Flames
    When white mushrooms come in procession after the rains, you bring back my ache- O pink rose... [read more]
  • Very Discreetly
    Tonight moon was gliding like a swan, white and graceful. But you slept on my hand like a... [read more]
  • Ennui
    In a frame of a- window, I watch daily, a saddest, star, and a palm holding the clouds like... [read more]
  • The Final Retreat
    In reality- you were in a ring of fire. I had been left with no claim on you. Your failure had... [read more]
  • The Fugitive
    Bending the gravity you start falling upward. There was- no distinction between earth and sky.... [read more]
  • Self-Portrait
    Life inside the doors- mocks the nature. Still life. Cup and Vase. You lived for others and... [read more]
  • A Suspended Rock
    Your freckles should not go like innocence. Sun was overlapping the galaxies. I become whole... [read more]
  • Uncrafted
    To become yourself, declaring war- for inequality. Who was supremacist in the pygmy owls-... [read more]
  • Cobwebs
    It was difficult to rewrite one's own death- on parchment paper. The cloudburst, had washed away... [read more]
  • For No Obvious Reason
    When I wanted to stop you, the flame was snuffed out by an invisible hand. I let the missing... [read more]
  • It Is Raining
    Syllepsis. A story goes. You can kill two- birds with one eye. Your charisma does not work.... [read more]
  • Metempsychosis
    Why would you need a miracle to become human, after shedding the skin? In smoke screen you... [read more]
  • We The Faithful
    Blue moon of white night, wants- to bring down the sky in a spiritual bliss. Talking of... [read more]
  • Don't Alter The Red Cape
    Black names- were on list. Bring the French chalk to wipe out the white board. The list was... [read more]
  • Different Versions
    Let's try a human logic for a monkey heart. The knowledge was becoming a dangerous thing. I... [read more]
  • Still In Love
    Stealing from your eyes a visibly upset moon. I believe, it was not a tough stand to shut the... [read more]
  • Not Like Anybody
    Sometimes you want to walk to the gallows, for my sins. It was a big fight over the organ... [read more]
  • Engaging In Argument
    No more partisanship with hatchet. Better if you come like a scorpion to give a taste. You can... [read more]
  • What Are Future Games?
    Make me wild- weirdly ethereal. An abstract pain will unite us- after the scarring. It was... [read more]
  • Opening A Window
    You floundered. No god poems. You don't want to destroy the world. Doing the things. Lifting... [read more]
  • No Intimidation
    A weird solatium was offered by putting off the lights. The animal inside you, wants to... [read more]
  • Under The Palm Moon
    A broken step- halts me. I move towards you at the inner call. Clockwise, going sensual, you... [read more]
  • The Nightmare
    Had wanted it to happen, without me. Remorse was turning against the self. It was growing very... [read more]
  • Pangs Of Truth
    There was nothing to hide. No jewels, no gold. I wanted, to get the replica of afterlife. Meet... [read more]
  • There Was No Answer
    I cannot understand you. You walk straight into enemy's den. The skin peels off. A naked boom.... [read more]
  • There Was No Prelude
    Clubfoot. A poet's dilemma. You cannot think straight, cannot walk straight- unaided. In... [read more]
  • When The Attack Comes
    Like a tantric I will gather you and make you sleep in my eyes. In lantern festival, I will be... [read more]
  • The Hidden Sky
    In my sanctum, you walk in- like my first child, to join my innerness. Trying to decipher-... [read more]
  • Sketches In Coal
    Where sand becomes silver, you cower under a palm. A birch tree beacons you to write the fall... [read more]
  • Silence Speaks Loudly
    It weeps ritual. A spiritual walk on the spikes. Heartache to meet life daily. Shadows beat... [read more]
  • Nothing Happened
    Talking off the runway moon? being you, a gut feeling takes over. You will not stay overnight.... [read more]
  • Lips And Wordless Miracle
    What if the sword leaves and purple eyes of Iris become apocalyptic? It would be for me- the... [read more]
  • With Apologia
    Nothing other than, he was hearing- screams! Nude was not au naturel, like a new born chick.... [read more]
  • Truth Hides Behind Sun
    Let go the nightmares and oneness, and climb down the deep? stairwell to find your image, in... [read more]
  • Like Buddha
    Light of dawn. Day begins with blue memories. I sweep- the floor, of mind. The palm stands... [read more]
  • Portraits
    I resent. Will remain that I am. No fissures. Frozen mind. I am not thinking. Peeling off... [read more]
  • No Criminality
    Paying back the debt of virility. A lame duck hobbles on the moon. As far as, you can, travel... [read more]
  • Night Night
    Like a vampire, night swoops down. Temple bells ring. I am happy- not to invoke any god.... [read more]
  • Not True
    A pigeon flutters, in my frail- chest, ready to fly away. The train does not stop here. Why... [read more]
  • You Want To Be Born Again
    In evening I need to speak with my small voice to fill my dreams with moon. Buried alive in the... [read more]
  • Morning Mist
    A complex question- it was. Why your hands were trembling? The body becomes a kayak. You were... [read more]
  • My Pain
    Falling in green love with yourself- creating violence. Serenity has no relevance now. The... [read more]
  • An Unasked Eulogy
    It will come back to you again and again- the thought nudging through the magnolias. Without... [read more]
  • Karma
    Faith bluffs- you. Makes you deaf, dumb and blind. You don't get, what you give. In return... [read more]
  • Facts Of Life
    The decay has- killed the dream songs, of shut mouths. Trees were rolling down on beach when... [read more]
  • The Seeds Of Our Lips
    I will come and meet you in absence of past. Why to open the window to moon. I was not right,... [read more]
  • Bewitching
    Absolutely zilch. Sometimes you feel- nothing moves. Coming out of remorse, there was no... [read more]
  • Autumn's Harmony
    Moon crazed fonts starting a genocide of words in narcolepsy. Don't ask me about the... [read more]
  • Soothsayer Has Nothing To Say
    The bird of prey had the dignity. With hooked bill ant sharp talons he sings the victim- a... [read more]
  • Indigenously
    Sheer drop of lightning takes the brown land by storm. The cult grows- in the hills for the... [read more]
  • No Dues
    Misreading- the time zone, clock refuses to rewind. The brain shuts, absenting the self. No... [read more]
  • Three Vistas
    Do not count. Do not return my poems- written for you, in memory of hot pink flamingoes, that... [read more]
  • Truism
    Almost reached. Your tongue slips; Then you fall. The cyclone, develops an eye, to hit. You... [read more]
  • Always Self-Deception
    You collapsed- on the stairs in frenzy falling into a debt trap. The moon was asking back his... [read more]
  • Midnight Happening
    You never forget the fat preemie. A perfect revenge of the curse? at ungiving. Streaking in... [read more]
  • Soft Music
    I open the book too stoned to read my name. Like a feather, you roll in sleep, painless.... [read more]
  • How Much Does It Matter
    You were not choosing the right words, being reticent for a seasoned yes. The hurts of intimate... [read more]
  • How Much Does It Matter
    You were not choosing the right words, being reticent for a seasoned yes. The hurts of intimate... [read more]
  • What Renunciation
    Would you bear the cost of peace, if there was no war, no country, no personal gods? We are... [read more]
  • Unceremoniously
    Your algorithm has failed. There were colossal mistakes. It brings back the memories of... [read more]
  • Captive Of Conscience
    You shut to it- the window, on watching a row of walking stones without feet. Pouting,... [read more]
  • The Dialogue Continues
    My logic was not a part of belief. The answer you proffered is not, what it was supposed to... [read more]
  • After The First Moon
    Reigniting blood moon, I have come to seek my abdication. After a long haul of dark clouds, I... [read more]
  • Inauthentically?
    Sperms and legacy. You scream for the justice for the space between words and sentences. I... [read more]
  • Pardon My Darkness
    You always said, violence was in you. Everything was dying around. There was a tacit... [read more]
  • No Time For Mourning
    Without shadow an agony, slits me open. As when I bleed. I write a poem. It hurts, when you... [read more]
  • Bioluminescence
    Like a lingering doubt, the moon stood on the maple tree- for a relationship. For my sake don't... [read more]
  • To Man
    The city was going to fall. An earthquake? A flood? No it is war. Money making and crime. Two... [read more]
  • Gleanings
    Autumn moon? in full grace. I have come out to say hello. * Everything was in order. A... [read more]
  • Et Tu?
    Like half-brother moon was following me. Tonight the dethroning commences on the murderous hills... [read more]
  • Reflections
    You were not listening, when I said? " After offering my head, I will go into deep sleep "... [read more]
  • The Jealous War
    It was very edifying. When you shut the mouth of the oppressed- the mass grave speaks. The... [read more]
  • Mode Of Dying
    Brutal. Another lover too. Four-letter words kill. A self deception begins. You shut up in... [read more]
  • Scissor Hold
    I don't want any applause. Think. think on what I have to say. The morgue is full. Still the... [read more]
  • After The Stampede
    The dusk panics. Molten ash stings, bearing you down. Your enemy had penetrated very deep.... [read more]
  • Una Corda
    This was not physical. Which part of your psyche, I would touch? Sometimes you swing without a... [read more]
  • Eyesores
    A wreath of skulls you want to hang on the wall. I don't want to lose the skin. The land was... [read more]
  • Rumblings
    You hide behind the words. It was my priviledge to start the fire. Looking at the bare moon in... [read more]
  • Voices In Dark
    I should not have been there, where I am now. The destiny was unscrupulously quiet. Time goes... [read more]
  • What One Knows
    Catching a glimpse of moon- in velvety October. * You collect a beetle fossil. Then man was... [read more]
  • A Dream Turns Into Desperation
    Half acting you take the broom for the journey of doom. In human odor, you find a secret sin.... [read more]
  • Mesmerized
    You open me up like an envelope without a knife. No blood spills. Like arriving from Auschwitz,... [read more]
  • Different Views
    On the canvas, I was drawing only the feet- in run. No heads, no torsi. Was it a dark vision,... [read more]
  • Small Thoughts
    Ah, it was not a diamond ring. In your palm was sitting a god, watching you disintegrate. Your... [read more]
  • A Window Burns
    Mind-set of fractured faith, falters. Now you want to ignore the god. The bald cypress hides... [read more]
  • Going Blind
    Seething with agony. Unsinned? the creatures were asking for human rights. Tracing the... [read more]
  • See-Through
    Consensual chemistry- you were entwined with a dervish. Banana grove. A breather for upside... [read more]
  • Moody Effect
    When you were you, me picked up the words- you did't say. You stir up a verse, incendiary... [read more]
  • Pure Mundanity
    It should not have happened. But it has. For a god of dreams, there was no paradise. You had... [read more]
  • In Stillness
    A long night- unending was, the wait for the sickle moon. Midnight, shooting stars- you are... [read more]
  • Trying To Sleep
    For a lake feel to find the four-leaf clover grazing your absence. But the road does not run.... [read more]
  • The Will
    When I asked you to drop the millstone- a bunch of dreams, you wanted to move away from sun.... [read more]
  • Destructiveness
    You were comfortable, when you abused in native speech. After the conviction, there was smoke... [read more]
  • This Summer
    The candle burns your thumb.Night will not contain the light. How you will write the beginning... [read more]
  • The Wasted Charm
    Another- frozen relationship between man and beast, you want to thaw. The god, had become... [read more]
  • Just Meandering
    In search of- lotus flower, you go in water. * The frog croaks, sitting on bowl-leaf. *... [read more]
  • Hidden Paths
    Autumn sets deeper, after equinox. The homesick moon comes close. * Was there any hope... [read more]

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